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Atomic Swaps
SegWit2x & SegWit4x
Lighting Network

Hello There

We Are Methuselah

Methuselah is ready for tomorrow, today. The platform offers advanced Cryptocurrency functionality like Atomic Swap compatibility, SegWit, and Lighting Network Compatibility. Built on Bitcoin's 14.2 version, Methuselah is focused on delivering the functionality you expect today in a package that is ready for anything the future brings. We will maintain an active focus on the needs of our community and will introduce new features and functionality as they become necessary.

Block Time (Seconds)
Masternode Collateral (SAP)
Transactions (Second)
Block Size (MB)

Community Operated

One clean package.

PoW and Masternodes

Coins are generated through Proof-of-Work and Masternodes. Both PoW and Masternodes provide important services to the network.

Lightning Network Compatability

The future is coming and Methuselah is ready. SAP is Lightning Network compatible and ready to be part of crypto's evolving ecosystem.

Safe & Secure

Masternode transaction validation and Lyra2REv2 PoW block hashing makes Methuselah safe and secure.

Long Lasting

Methuselah is designed with the future in mind. Lightning Network compatibility, SegWit, and Atomic Swap compatibility all look forward, not backwards.


Download wallets, source code, etc.

There are many projects that pop-up and disappear quietly into nothingness soon after. Methuselah is not one of them. The SAP team is made up of experienced cryptocurrency developers, marketers, and traders and is designed to be fair from the start with a small pre-mine, broadly adopted and distributed via Proof-of-Work mining, and well-supported with ongoing development into the future. Methuselah is strongly situated to evolve with the changing cryptocurrency ecosystem and has the foundation necessary to be a building block of the space's future.

Methuselah offers Windows, Mac, and Linux wallets. We are currently examining mobile wallet platforms for both Android and iOS devices. We are evaluating options for a web wallet, but we are waiting to articulate our strategy here due to the risks inherent in operating and using web wallets.

We acknowledge that there are dozens of Masternode coins being developed, but very few are forward-looking. Those that are have massive premines, greedy development budgets or fractured communities.

We are working toward expanding market access. Our goal is to have exchange trading enabled by the third day of our launch and in-line with the start of Masternode payments. We have reached out to multiple exchanges to support SAP liquidity. We cannot provide specific exchange listing timelines due to non-disclosure agreements.

Masternodes are special nodes operated by community members that agree to lock a specific number of coins, called "collateral", to serve as network validators. Masternodes validate transactions and secure the SAP network. In return for the work that Masternodes do for SAP they receive a portion of the block reward.



Ticker: SAP
Algorithm: Lyra2rev2
RPC Port: 7556
P2P Port: 7555
Block Spacing: 135 Seconds
Difficulty Algorithm: D601 Moving Average
Block Size: 2MB (adjustable)
Mined/Minted Maturity: 100 Blocks (~225 Minutes)
Transactions Per Second: 133
Confirmation: 6 Blocks (~13.5 Minutes)
Circulation (1 Year): 17,519,775 SAP
Circulation (5 Years): 30,659,756 SAP
PoW Period: Indefinite
Maximum supply: 150,000,000 SAP
Protocol Support: IPV4, IPV6, TOR

The Team


Lead Developer, Wizard

Methuse is an experienced software developer with previous work in legal, customer service, information management and security, and distributed systems. Like most, Methuse got into cryptocurrency for the investment and empowerment of financial self-management. Power to the people!

Marketing, Community Management

Jooky is a veteran of the US Navy's Nuclear Power program and has dedicated his life to learning about cryptocurrency. Relevant areas of expertise are community management, technical/fundamental analysis, and behavioral finance. Jooky was an early adopter of Ethereum and currently operates a GPU and ASIC mining farm located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada.

Developer, Systems Engineer

Ren is current working with avionics and computer systems. He started programming when he was 13, and has experience in several languages. He has experience in network infrastructure, network management, electrical and computer troubleshooting. His experiences with cryptocurrencies started in 2011 with researching the technical aspect, and finally investing in numerous currencies in 2015.

Automation, Development

TheWeakShall is a certified Linux engineer and experienced system administrator for a large international video and specialized hosting company. Experience ranges from network infrastructure design, scripting, automation, monitoring, and reporting. TheWeakShall got into cryptocurrency about 2 years ago after a successful investment into Bitcoin and has been hooked since.

Project Advisor

Protoxylem holds an MBA and is an experienced cryptocurrency trader, evangelist, and technical communicator. Protoxylem came into cryptocurrency via mining and also operates a GPU and ASIC mining farm. Relevant professional areas of expertise include executive leadership, talent acquisition, marketing and branding, and strategic planning.